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I ran an http benchmark test on express node framework and lumen php framework, here is the result.
In the past i have done lots and lots of tests and node is faster than php in handling sockets, not in a real web application.But let me not count my eggs before they hatch, I will list some test conditions and run multiple test cases and then share with everybody.

Samuel Oloruntoba
i am making a list of test parameters, I/O is already part of it, stream contexts, you can post suggestions
1 hour 15 minutes ago
Diego Mariani
test it on I/O operations
1 hour 37 minutes ago
This happens to me a lot

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Avishka RJ
hahahaaa TRUE STORY
3 hours 12 minutes ago
For the first time in my life, gmail is down

Samuel Oloruntoba
3 hours 15 minutes ago
wheatley core
No problem, I just sent to invite. So you should have it soon.
3 hours 18 minutes ago
Samuel Oloruntoba
thanks @core
3 hours 19 minutes ago
wheatley core
3 hours 21 minutes ago
Samuel Oloruntoba
okay, i'll pm you my email
3 hours 22 minutes ago
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Samuel Oloruntoba
i guess now i should say housemate
3 hours 59 minutes ago
Samuel Oloruntoba
we have separate rooms, so things are cool
3 hours 59 minutes ago
Myth Data
ah roommate ; I remembered of a wired one , since then I got my own unit .:)
May 26, 2015
Samuel Oloruntoba
@rehman same thing my roomate said, that dude is all sad lego face
May 26, 2015
Rehman jeff
he never smiled in a single pic though
May 26, 2015