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Thanks for the friend request Brandon!
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Your profile picture. I can't read that language, what does the text say? Just curious.
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Tatrasiel R
looks Japanese
May 7, 2015
Linux and MacOS X bug could affect 500 million active websites, including ones running Apache

Abdullah Nauman
Mac OS X is on Virtual Box
September 25, 2014
Abdullah Nauman
which is why i have windows, and a OpenSUSE Live CD, and a MAX OS X just so I have an escape pod, in case the other 2 ever have a problem! :)
September 25, 2014
david kevork
use windows in this case
September 25, 2014
Ibrahim Tuzlak
As far as I know, one of the fundamental ways Unix/Linux protects from malicious stuff is by privileges system, meaning, no matter how buggy Bash is, if it's ran by not-so-privileged user (case in many servers), it's can't do much damage.
September 25, 2014
Predrag Kostic
Wow, everyone migrate to windows!
September 25, 2014
truer words were never buzzfed.

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i've been working on a GUI for a backup program i made in java awhile back.

i'm still working on it but here is a preview.

what the program does is backs up any drive you want, onto any other drive you want, in a compressed zip file

there are two different backups you can do, "custom", and "full"

custom will allow you to select which folders / files you want to backup, and full will just back up the entire drive that you choose.

yassine moulay
Free ?? :D
September 20, 2014
Kyle Heaney
Hmmmmm, maybe use some flat colors? www.flatuicolors.com And on the red button, change the text color to white ;)
September 19, 2014
Brandon Elliott
@Abdirasaq start with JFrame and work your way to all the other little components like JButtons, JTextFields, JLabels, etc. After you learn all of that, there is an Eclipse plugin called WindowBuilder that assists you in putting together a GUI. You want to learn how to do it manually before using tools like this, though, because sometimes you will need to do things that the Windowbuilder can't do.
September 18, 2014
Abdirasaq Ali
Wow I haven't started in GUI yet im learning and confused
September 18, 2014
Brandon Elliott
haven't seen the new microsoft office, but the only difference between this and iOS 7 is a gradient and rounded corners. which i might do, still working on this. thanks for the advice
September 18, 2014
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