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Hi guys :D
I need your help im trying to play a video in swift,the video needs to be played like a background for my app:Also a gif would be good.I tried to put a giv in the UIVewView and it worked but i wast able to center it well.Hellppp
Arslan Hajdarevic
Jarane nije to randomly posting programing nego moram nac rjesenje.De mi majke ti objasni kako se programira da app ne bude losa?
June 28, 2015
Nikola Novakovic
Forum. Randomly posting programming questions is getting you nothing but a bad rep.
June 26, 2015
Tim Bogdanov
i really doubt there are any swift programmers on here. please post programming related questions on forum. thank you
June 26, 2015
Does any one know any good tutorial about login and registration php mysql
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Abdullah Nauman
There a tutorial from PHP Academy in the videos section
May 10, 2015
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Hey, where have you been? I hav'nt seen any posts for a while? :)
Abdullah Nauman
Good to see you back
March 1, 2015
Arslan Hajdarevic
Well am back now :D Haven't been here for a while
February 28, 2015

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