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Arslan Hajdarevic
January 23, 2016 · Public

Hello people,
So after a few days coding,i finally managed to get the Auto - Renevable Subscription working.
The subscription is for iOs,its written in swift.The problem is that there are no enough information on this topic on the web.There is a tutorial on lynda but its not that good,he is not using the JSON response.I was planing to create a tutorial on this topic.If someone is interested i can share my code with you,until i put this in a nice tutorial.I want to cover the whole IAP procedure from non consumable till subscription types.There is a real lack of information on this topic.

Arslan Hajdarevic
January 21, 2016 · Public

Hi can anyone help me out with Auto-Renevable Subscription.It has been bothering me for the last 7days.I found lots of tutorials but non of them are working.

Arslan Hajdarevic
January 11, 2016 · Public

Hi I need some help with Xcode Swift.
I need to create a clickable man, where you will be able to click on certain muscles.I have tried to work with pictures but it's not working couse of the crapy Xcode and the aligment.My idea is to draw them on the screen like buttons with custom shapes in a scroll view.So can you guide me a bit and tell me if you have some better ideas.Thanks

Arslan Hajdarevic
January 5, 2016 · Public

Hi people i need help.
So I need a bit help with core graphics.They need to react as buttons and to be resizable according to the device.

Arslan Hajdarevic
January 4, 2016 · Public

Hi guys so i decided to create a CMS for my website.I decided to place a user system where you will have administrators,moderators and users.Currently I'm working on my apps to this is a side project.I have a plan to create some messaging system between users and to create statistics about posts.Which would only the admins and moderatos see.

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