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Okay everyone, here is a small update on our development plans.

We are going to be halting development on the new front-end of the site. Instead, we will be focusing on the API. Once Angular 2.0 is released, we will start working on the front-end. With Angular 2.0, the site will be a Single Page Application, while still having good SEO. The new front-end will be completely rewritten from scratch.

We will also add support for mentions when the new site is released. To have mentions work properly though, people will need user names. You will have the option to create your own username, or have one generated for you. You generated username will most likely be `firstname + lastname + randomNumber(if that username is already taken)`.

A new chat will be added shorty after the release of the new front-end. This chat will be very similar to how Slack works. We are also talking about adding support for video calls, but noting has been decided.

This is the current status, but everything is subject to change.

Steven Verheezen
21 minutes ago
Martijn Hoekstra
And it shall become freaking amazing!
1 hour 2 minutes ago
Pere Garau Burguera
Cool! Besides that, I love being the number 23 for some reason. Don't change that! JK, yall are doing an awesome job.
1 hour 3 minutes ago
What would be the benefits of learning "Material Design" ?
wheatley core
Hmm, I don't think I have really ever had any problems designing anything with it. Of course sometimes it takes a little thought, but that is how it is with any design language.
1 hour 52 minutes ago
Rehman Khan
haven't built it yet*
2 hours 7 minutes ago
Rehman Khan
Also they say their work is in progress its not fully fledged markup, did you ever had problem in designing stuff which restricted you because they haven
2 hours 7 minutes ago
Rehman Khan
the other thing i see material design using in "Flat" design do see it taking over bootstrap? it sound like an interview but these are the questions which really helps me in selecting the platform :p
2 hours 9 minutes ago
wheatley core
Material design will work on web, mobile, even watch stuff.
2 hours 15 minutes ago
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It's science... bitch :P

Stephen Cochran

5 hours 28 minutes ago
Martijn Hoekstra
Great article, will read the whole thing during break :)
14 hours 3 minutes ago
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